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The 2016 Laredo AFB Reunion is canceled.

“Hola, una vez más”. “Hello, Once again”.  Laredo AFB, right? Mexico 4 miles away, right? (Yes, I took Spanish at the Junior College while I was a Student Pilot so I could talk to the local girls!)

Unfortunately I have bad news. I am going to cancel our reunion scheduled for this upcoming dates of 15-17 June. We have only 6 of us to sign up for the event at Wright Patterson AFB and the nearby Holiday Inn. That is not near enough participants to trigger the free amenities that the hotel is ready to offer. Thus, we would have to pay extra for the Hospitality Suite as well for the private dining hall.  

I think we can still have the event there this year, but let’s shoot for sometime in the fall to possibly gather up more participants. Please email me your suggested dates for anytime this fall, remembering that mid-October is the unofficial end of summer in this area. I will be in Shanghai from 7 to 13 September and unavailable to be Chairman during that time.

For those who have submitted your $100 participant fee I will send refunds ASAP.  So please send me your suggested date for a fall reunion at Wright Patterson AFB. I think the location is correct as there is so much to see there about military (and airline) aviation.

            Hope to see everyone again this fall.  - Bill Secrest

Laredo Air Force Base, formerly Laredo Army Air Field, was on U.S. highways 59 and 81 near the town of Laredo in Webb County. Laredo Army Air Field began operations as a World War II military installation in November 1942; it included a gunnery range and flexible gunnery school. The field became inactive in late 1945, and the property reverted to the city of Laredo, which used it as a municipal airport in 1950. The base was reactivated and renamed Laredo Air Force Base in April 1952 to provide basic flight training for jet pilots, including pilot trainees from twenty-four countries. The Laredo Air Force Base utilized the vast cattle ranges to the northwest of the city as aerial gunnery range. Units stationed in LAFB were 38th Combat Support Wing and 3640th Pilot Training Wing.

The base was closed permanently in 1973 and is now the Laredo International Airport.